A gift of real estate helps you and IU.

When you give real estate, you build pathways for the future of Indiana University. Our expert Real Estate and Personal Property team can guide you through how to give residential, commercial, undeveloped land, or various other tangible assets—and all the ways we’d like to honor your gift.

No matter what path you choose, one thing is clear: Your gift will benefit Indiana University.

Ways you can give real estate

Outright gift

Simply donate your chosen property as-is to IU.

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Retained life estate

You can deed a residence or farm to IU now and still live there for the rest of your lifetime.

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Bargain purchase

We purchase your real estate for less than its current fair market value and you receive a tax deduction for the difference.

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Gift annuities & unitrusts

Use appreciated property to fund an annuity or unitrust in exchange for life income.

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Estate gift

A bequest in your will describes your wish to give your property as-is to IU through your estate.

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Transfer on death deed

The IU Foundation can receive your property quickly, and doing so avoids the process and expense of probate.

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Personal property

Donate artwork, instruments, or equipment to support programs across all campuses.

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Faculty/Staff opportunities

A gift of property is an investment in IU’s future—a mission that could not be achieved without our faculty and staff.

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Fulfill pledge or planned gift

If you have already made a significant promise to IU, real estate may be a simple way to advance your gift without touching your bank account.

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When all was said and done, I had an immense sense of joy and satisfaction knowing that my donation would survive in perpetuity at IUB, helping students from many different backgrounds.

Jo Burgess, retired IU staff and real estate donor